Upkeep Schedule

Spring Clean-up consists of 2-3 visits from April to mid-May. We remove winter protection, prune as needed (shrubs, vines, small trees), cut back and divide/transplant perennials, fertilize and lightly cultivate the soil and clear debris/litter from garden beds as well as from hardscaping surfaces.

From mid-May through to October, we continue with regular general upkeep tasks on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis: weeding, edging, fertilizing, staking plants, hedge trimming etc. Based on our recommendations and consultations with our clients, we also plant perennials, shrubs, trees, topdress beds with compost/mulch, add seasonal plantings and container arrangements, monitor watering, etc.

Fall Bed-down
We visit 2-3 times from late-October to late-November to clear leaves and debris from garden beds and hardscaping. Many of our clients elect to have us “topdress” the beds with a light layer of leaf mulch. We also ensure that our gardens are well prepared for winter dormancy. We remove seasonal plantings, extra-water evergreens, divide/transplant, cut back perennials, and install winter protection as needed around vulnerable plants.